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Jan 20, 2013 8:00am PST
to survive in this environment. it was stop the draft, stop the war, free speech, all the various ethnic studies, and then out of that came the woman's movement. people hesitated to tell america about the changes taking place. it was absolutely exhilarating. i never doubted that i was not doing what i should be doing. crime in the trip to africa was new level of journalism to me, after the bombing of the embassies there, to be an american journalist in the city doing the aftermath. aftermath was so important because you could hear thousands of people injured, people still in hospitals. we had to tell the world about it. i could go on the road and count the people living in this geography that show a lot of caring. so many things i watched happen that i thought, wow! wow! you know. you just say to yourself, you are lucky to be here. >> an 8-time emmy winner, belva hosted "this week in northern california" for almost 20 years. she shares the details in her life and career in" never in my wildest dreams" now out in paperbook. welcome back, belva. >> who is that ancient woman! [ laughin
Jan 15, 2013 10:00pm PST
different environment. >> the dancerce use the tools of rock climbing s use the tools of rock climbing to scale their stages. and it's really not easy. >> incredible to watch. >> you ready to jump on the 49ers band wagon? >> from slick to chic. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, championship. 49er fans are scrambling to suit up, befo the stores sell out. >>> players are not the only ones gearing up for sunday's nfc championship game. fans scrambling to suit up! >> absolutely. and mike shows us they're not just looking forward to the big game. they're taking a look back. >> ready for sunday's game! got my '9ers gear on. my sweatshirt. all right , this is the 1994 season. crushed the chargers though! but i'm old-school! >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: you got to go for the gold. the gold standard in old-school '9ers wear? >> this just came out this year, the gold jacket, sf logo on the front, and in the back is the correct back t. says 49ers. >> reporter: they're running out of the new old-school jacket. they stopped making them in the early '90s. >> hione when i was a kid. i -- i had whereon when i was a ki
Jan 20, 2013 8:30am PST
distant from their natural environment. their natural environment was golden gate park, all of the areas. >> had golden days for joe montana and -- . >> no, i disagree. john brodey, gene washington, the ers have been rock solid since the -- the 9ers have been rock solid since the 50s. how many 49ers can walk through the door this morning and be recognized? >> none of them. >> i think a lot of the current fans don't even harken back to montana and clark & company. so, they are the new 9er fans but there are us old 49er fan that is can talk you back to key czar stadium and the christopher milk seats. >> the game. the falcon game, what do you see? >> i think will it be a great game. the 9ers are a favorite away. the fast track -- they have a horrible problem with running quarterbacks and caber nick showed he is the best -- kaepernick showed he is the the best quarterback to ever play. >> i am worried. there are three receivers in atlanta equal to any receivers you have seen anyone. their numbers are so superior to san francisco numbers. they have two running backs that are really firs
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3